They know I hide my howls in cheeky places

Always have

and no valid argument has dared me successfully

to stop

The playing field caters with vastness now

that everyone

simply subscribes to the bare number one

Epitomizing number one

Claiming it as a possession has shriveled to a bore

like roadkill

left by the night for the crematory foibles of the sun

or myself

when from my upstart dementia they proceed

to mine for hints

ascertaining whereabouts of those elusive primal screams

They don’t get it

Or perhaps I have just treasured those periodic

plumes of volume

more than anyone could fathom on their own watch


they’ll accuse me of being miserly with my cathartic heirloom

So be it

Those howls were honed for dynastic residencies

not a one-hit wonder

or a one-night stand or a one-trick pony

They epitomize

Those howls of mine illustrate far too easily

for marketplace posterity

They’re my answers out there hiding in the wind

they will have

to catch one regenerating blow at a time


05 12 20


We just don’t believe like we used to


of a past

generation or two

needed no subject

to peddle sublime verbiage

Even those who chose

to believe in nothing nonetheless

hydroplaned on the pooled

conscience of a contribution

to a fluid puzzle

gleefully awaiting little bangs

of innovational heredity

They were the mustard seed


Their subsequent children

be they nesting birds

or intrusive

were destined for that tree to greet

their maiden flight

Then the trees


into the abyssal path

imprinted on the groundwork

of ancestry

The elders

embezzled the leaves

to furnish their coffins and bloodlines

An egg without a nest now

is born to be rotten

with capital looking more

like the new cotton

Just when a generation

needs a peacekeeper magnetic enough

to lead from a bed of example

But no

For trust of that ilk

has been mangled by the distrust

outed so commonly

by the deaf choir of screens

and cameras

This is the new charisma

Even John Lennon can’t jam

with these circumstances

for this is visual

and the outbreak confining us

to the home fires is not

We didn’t start it

the renegade flares

of a generation plead

Visuals rule now

Visionaries take heed