There are seekers I am eager

to recruit



No romanticism


in his romantic


People ate

each other’s heads

where he went

Not the good one either

Dante found

that place

The intestines of the goaded


of mortal fear

Maybe Milton

was aspiring

to numb that fear

in the distribution

of all his cool lines

Was it all a code

or was he the sheep

on a lycanthropic trip

barricading all humans

even their most Deadheaded


from the best of both

spiritual worlds

Every spiritual feeling

is a choice

Your respective Devil

is a choice

What is promising

is the noble notion

Milton may be right

and the karmic scales even out

But the seekers I intend to draft

are dividers who can rock divisiveness

like Live-Aid

galvanized our instincts for unity

Make me live on the suspense

of a choice and consequence

and I’ll be more tempted

than I care to admit

to be mindful

of a wrong and right answer


02 05 20

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